Travel secret

When traveling, I try always to get bang for my euro, so I book hotels either trough Priceline or Hotwire. I always have been very pleased with the room and price I have paid. The secret might be tht after booking and finding out what hotel I got, I always email the hotel and ask politely if there is a possibility to get a quiet non smoking room on upper floors with a view as it is a "special occasion" or "anniversary". My requests usually have been noted.

Even though I have paid fraction of the list price, I have even been placed in upgraded rooms with extra amenities like complimentary fruit baskets, chocolate, bathrobes and slippers, luxury toiletries etc. that cannot be found in the regular rooms of the same hotel. It never hurts to ask...

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  1. Tätä mä testaan ensi kerralla! Kiitos vinkistä! :)


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