My favorite perfumes

I am not of those women who have their "signature scent", one perfume they use year after year at work and play.

I have twenty perfumes I use daily, I take a moment in the morning to think how I feel that morning or what plans I have for the day and then choose the scent for the day. I generally prefer fresh scents, also sweet/tangy mixes suit me well.

In this picture I have only some of my all time favorites; Clinique Happy to be is a "pick me up" scent, as well as Lizsport, inexpensive edt by Liz Claiborne that I have bought in New York.

Donna Karan has two favorite perfumes; DKNY women, I had a bottle years ago and now bought a new one in New York in July. It brings back some fun memories and really gets me in good, productive mood. Things get done while I am wearing it! Karan's Be Delicious also gets me on a good mood, I love green apples.

Roger & Gallet's Eau de The Vert (Green Tea) is bought in Paris. This is good for the days when I need to be calm in the eye of a storm...

I also have two unlikely perfumes in my collection. Versace Eau Fraiche for men is fresh and doesn't have too masculine scent on my skin.

Other unusual scent is Peter Rabbit, a "baby perfume" I bought at Sephore in Paris two years ago. It's sweet and powdery. I am not sure if it is a good idea to use perfume on babies, but I often get compliments while wearing it

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