Zebra bag

Bought my roomy black and white zebra bag at Doone & Bourke flagship store in New York in July.
Noted later that they have had it also with red trimmings, very fierce!

Love my bag , it had cost originally 395$ + tax, mine was 60% off... Quality of bag and hardware is excellent, this bag will take me from here to eternity, especially when I rotate my use between this and my other 15 bags...

2 kommenttia :

  1. Agh. Gorgeous. I die for zebra and red handbags. You'll have to get the one with red trim next time, eh? ;)

  2. Ihana laukku :)
    Liityin lukiaksi toivon että vilkaiset bloginani ja jos löytyy jotain mielenkiintoista liittyisit myös lukiaksi.


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