Commercial sign no 1


I bought this vintage alcohol  store glass sign (maybe from 40's or 50's) abt. ten years ago on Kasvihuoneilmiö in Sammatti, Finland for 400 FIM= 65 EUR. Now it probably would cost close to 200 EUR, although it's hard to tell; I haven't seen them on sale after that there or anywhere else.

This sign is hanging above our bedroom door.

Kasvihuonilmiö had some nice, real vintage items for sale back then, but unfortunately they have lately sold mostly Chinese reproduction item which don't suit my taste.

This was the first old commercial sign I purchased, but I and Husband have expanded our collection quite much ever since...

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  1. Brilliant sign, and how great that the two of you had an eye for old quirky stuff. I love that K had the chest and you the sign. A match made in heaven!

    x Charlotta

    P.S. Loving your profile picture. You are so photogenic!


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