Bridal tiara

This silver tiara was on my father in law's grandmother's head on her 25th wedding anniversary. I wore it on my wedding day as "borrowed", after the wedding I received it as a gift. The flowers look like helleborus flowers I had in my bridal bouguet.

The tiara is always on display in our living room besides our small wedding potrait which is in antique frame.

Hopeatiara oli appeni isoäidin päässä hänen hopeahääpäivänään. Minun päässäni se oli hääpäivänäni "lainattuna", myöhemmin sain sen lahjaksi. Tiaran kukat näyttävät jouluruusuilta, joita kimpussani oli.

Tiara on aina esillä olohuoneessamme antiikkikehyksissä olevan pienen hääkuvan vieressä.

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  1. That silver tiara is breathtaking. Please post a photo of you wearing it on your wedding day and another next to your framed wedding photo. It's seriously amazing. What a treasure you have there!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    ~xo Terri

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. It really is a treasure. When I started to write this blog, I made a decision not to publish any pictures of me, Husband or friends. Like to keep some privacy and mystery... So, there will be no picture of me wearing the tiara...

    Later on, when we get longer and sunnier days, I will take photo of the frame with the tiara. Days are still quite short & grey and indoor pictures don't look good when there isn't much light. I don't like to use flash and actually I have taken most of my indoor item pictures under kitchen hood using a white paper as background...

    Waiting for spring & summer days when I can take better pictures outdoors.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is soooooo beautiful! And it's so special that it has been in your family for such a long time. I bet it looks beautiful displayed in your house as well.

  4. How fabulous to have this beautiful and very special tiara in your life. Leigh

  5. oi, kaunis tiara :) täyttää hienosti sen lainattua osuuden.


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