Lingonberry pie

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I did pick 5 líters of lingonberries last Sunday while visiting in laws. I was a real city girl in the forest, dressed in beige dress, off white cardigan and olive green wellies, camera and car keys in one hand (didn't have any pockets) and picking berries with the other. Lingonberries are much easier and faster to pick than blueberries, they are not as fragile as blueberries and there is always a cluster of berries in one twig. I made two pies; one for home and one for office. Still I have over 4 liters to freeze for youghurt and berreis breakfasts.
Lingonberry pie
150 g shortening

1 egg

3 dl flour

1 tsp baking powder

1,5 dl sugar
 2½ dl lingonberries
200 g cream cheese
2 dl plain yoghurt
1 dl sugar
1 dl 
Mix the crust  incredients together wiht mixer or food processor until they form crumble. Fill a baking pan wiht the crust. Mix filling ingredients together and fill the crust. Bake in 175 C for 50 min.

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