Meeting with Charlotta of Space For Inspiration

In Sydney we met Charlotta, a local artist and blogger. She kindly made me before our trip a guide in her blog for Woollahra, a charming area in Sydney, that seems to be forgotten in most travel guides. 

Charlotta and her sweet daughter Isabella took us for a ride to theïr favorite beaches in Sydney, we saw some amazing views that we would have missed without the tour they gave us. It's amazing how blogging can really open new doors and make new friends.

Charlotta also arranged us a table in wonderful, popular Darlinghurst restaurant Victoria room and after the dinner I was given book High Tea at The Victoria Room

Thank you again, Charlotta. It was a great day for us, we truly enjoyed the tour and meeting you and Isabella!

Sydneyssa tapasimme Charlotan, taiteilijan ja blogikirjoittajan. Hän oli ystävällisesti tehnyt minulle oman oppaan viehättävään Woollahraan, alueeseen, joka näytää opaskirjoissa olevan miltei unohdettu.

Charlotta ja hänen suloinen tyttärensä Isabella veivät meidät ajelulle suosikkirannoilleen Sydneyssa. Näimme useita uskomattomia maisemia, jotka olisivat muuten nähneet meiltä näkemättä.

Charlotta järjesti meille myös pöydän suositusta Victoria Room-ravintolasta. Illallisen jälkeen minulle tuotiin lahjaksi ravintolan juuri julkaistu kirja, jonka tekemiseen Charlotta oli osallistunut.

Bloggaus ja muiden kirjoittajien blogien seuraaminen voi todella avata uusia ovia ja antaa uusia yst
viä jopa maailman toiselta puolelta...

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  1. I've just been looking at all your posts from the trip of a lifetime! I'd say it was a good thing you got a new camera because all your photos are just amazing!!! Truly amazing!!
    I just love how you captured the things you saw.
    Thank you so much for bringing us along. You must be exhausted but so happy. What a fabulous experience for the two of you :)

  2. hak you for your comments. I jus counted the photos aken during the trip... 3600 photos after some editing...

    First we thought to buy the cheapest replacing camera we could find, but we were only on our first week out of five, so fortunately we came to our senses and bought a pretty good camera.

    Still I miss the Panasonic and will take it to repair nex week. It takes much better macro zoom photos and has also some other features I miss.

  3. Tusen tack! I didn't see this until now.
    It was such a nice day and I loved that we got to spend time to get to know each other more.

    The pictures are amazing. Brought back memories.

    x Charlotta


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